Cometa Circus // An Artistic Duo That Turned a Dream into Reality

Cometa Circus // An Artistic Duo That Turned a Dream into Reality

By  Zeljko D, October 25, 2020

Claudia and Cristian performed together for the first time in 2015, and that performance changed the course of their personal and professional lives. Just a few years later, they started the Cometa Circus,a project that embodies their artistic values. Both trained at some of the best circus schools in the world, the duo specializes in a range of circus disciplines.

Claudia showed affinity towards Cyr wheel during the years she spent at the‘Flic’ circus school in Turin, Italy, although today she is also an accomplished acrobat who frequently performs choreographed static trapeze routines.

Cristian is driven by the endless curiosity towards different circus disciplines which led him to become a daring acrobat and a masterful juggler. In addition, his equestrian vaulting and unicycle-riding skills will leave anyone who sees him performing speechless.

Cometa Circus is the result ofClaudia’s and Cristian’s talent and passion for the performingartsthat started in 2018. Since then the duo had numerous performances across Europe and LatinAmerica that left the audiences in awe

The couple aims to take the spectator back to the childhood years when the world still seemed magical with their shows and remind them of the cheerfulness that is so characteristic for children. Sparking the viewer’s imagination and taking them on a ride through dream like landscapes is the ultimate goal of all of the duo’s performances. In just half an hour Cristian and Claudia present a broad range of acrobatic, juggling, unicycling, and clowning numbers that bring laughter to the audience.

Cometa Circus won several prestigious awards including Spazi d’Ozio in 2019 for the best contemporary circus and theMoving Up 2019 award from the GAI association for the mobility of the young artists.