Mawpit // From fierceness to fragility

Mawpit // From fierceness to fragility

By, 23 November, 2020

Mawpit began life with a friendship and common love of music in the university city of Bath back in 2015. Vocalist Cait Johansen and Guitarist Jordan Mallinson got on well from day one and, as often happens when talented vocalists and gifted guitarists happen to chance upon each other, lyrics came soon after, the seeds of ideas and plans for the future…

Fast forward to the Autumn of 2019 and the final piece of the Mawpit puzzle fell into place when drummer Aled Nelmes joined Cait and Jordan, the creative tour de force of Mawpit was born. If their latest single Cittàgazze is anything to go by, it will be a journey well worth following.

Cittàgazze, as many fans of fantasy books might now, is a city from the imagination of Phillip Pullman, from his magnum opus  ‘His Dark Materials’, it is a place where the line between worlds is thin, and people who find love there might also find new meaning to the phrase ‘long distance relationships’…

The events of the story form the inspiration for the song; a tale of love across worlds and the promise to one day meet again, a story of loss but ultimately also a story of hope.

If Cittàgazze is a love song though it is one with a monumental difference. Cait’s hauntingly anthemic vocals soar, powered by the powerful chords and elegant, angry beat of Jordan and Aled’s combined skills in musicianship.

A unique love letter to loss and hope, played out through an otherworldly lens of three Alt-rock, Grunge, Punk exponents with the confidence and sheer creative skill to shed their abrasive exteriors and take their listeners on a whimsical adventure, it’s bold, brave and more than a little bit beautiful.

Mawpit are a band that are going places, much like the multitude of worlds in His Dark Materials, they’ll be places with endless possibilities.

Cittàgazze is released on the 20th of November. Listen in Spotify