Too Many Zooz

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7:00 pm - 11:00 pm



show previously scheduled to take place on 30th May at

Oval Space

will now take place on November 7th 2020. All tickets will remain valid.**

New York’s incredible brasshouse trio bring their restless groove machine back to the capital to bump, beat and blow your mind!
Their music is infectious, impossible to stay still listening to. As old-fashioned as their musical approach is – if one were to call live instrumentation old fashioned – the structure of their songs follows very closely to any hit EDM track, hence their self-prescribed “brass house” genre. The drums provide a rhythmic base, the saxophone a bass line and the trumpet serves as the melody, guiding you to a gradually increasing, precipitous crescendo, where all the instruments come together only “drop” from a dizzying height, clashing together in an explosive climax of sound. Too Many Zooz will definitely force you to reconsider the way you think about jazz music.