Katy Hirschfeld // Beautiful mistakes

Katy Hirschfeld // Beautiful mistakes

By  ljmcopywriting.com, June 21, 2020

Visual artist Katy Hirschfeld is an acclaimed creator of mixed media collages. Her works are inspired by themes of female empowerment, strength, passion, her subjects are often icons portrayed in ways that are intimately complex and infinitely beautiful.

Places too, play an important role in her life and work, originally from New Jersey, Katy is now based in Miami and has also spent a lot of time in New York; all places that have helped form her outlook on life and art.

There are people too, who inspire her to create the complex, visually stunning works for which she is well known. Figures such as her mother, a woman Katy hails as the most creative person she has ever known, and the family friend who gave Katy art lessons as a child and helped to show her a path that today, she is still walking, still exploring and completely owning…

And it was all thanks to a beautiful mistake. One day, during those early lessons, Katy lovingly laid her artwork against a wall, assuming the paint to be dry.

It wasn’t… The next day she returned to find the pain had run down the whole canvas.

Most of us would be disappointed, Katy however embraced it and became enamored with the concept, even today these ‘beautiful mistakes’ are something she pragmatically infuses into her work.

And what work it is.