Kells Hayward // The Art of Saving the Planet

Kells Hayward // The Art of Saving the Planet

By, July 27, 2020

Kells Hayward is an artist on a mission…

The Bristol based visual artist and illustrator, like every other visual artist seeks to evoke emotions, feelings and conversations with his works, yet Kells stands out from that crowd, his ethos is different, his message more compelling.

The themes which run through his colourful, highly detailed works are those of environmental crises and the desperate need for change, topics that are clearly a passion for the artist himself and a cause worth shouting from the rooftops.

What better way to shout that message than through art? His works range from Dali-esque symbolism, explorations of scale and visual metaphor to cold, hard warnings of what the future might hold should we continue down our present path. If you like art with real meaning, you might want to join him on his mission.

For Kells that mission started as a child, growing up in the countryside, a place that has already changed drastically in his short life. Doodles in school became projects in college, then critical thinking and installations at university and today; an artist… a person with a mission and all the tools, skills and imagination to shout loud enough for us all to hear…

Kells has other  creative outlets in addition to his art work, including music production, DJing and events management, all of which he approaches with the same passion and dedication as the visual art he shares with the world.

These are busy times indeed for an artist and a cause that everyone should be talking about.