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Human Revolution

Moses was born in Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy in 1988.

Ever since he was little, he showed a particular interest in arts and music.

From the age of six to thirteen, he studies the piano along with traditional didactics : Classical Music, Theory and Solfeggio.

Nevertheless the piano does not seem to be his favourite instrument, therefore he decides to move towards a much more experimental approach on Hip-Hop Music.

Having embraced Rap and Beatbox he began to write his rhyme based lyrics, driven by love for musical expression , throughout which his personal style emerged, taking an even greater distance from the previously imposed classical path.

He starts experimenting new instruments and distinctive styles, playing the didgeridoo and recording his first songs, but it is only after his twenty-two years of age that he starts taking into consideration the Harmonica, the very same one bequeathed from his own grand mother in his early age.

Ever since then, he doesn’t stop experimenting, composing and improvising with a wide variety of instruments. His path, naturally pushes him towards electing the Harmonica-Beatbox, throughout “a needed physical impulse of transforming breath in musical fact,” a tangible rhythm transposition, sound and everyday self expression.

It is with this very spirit that Moses starts experimenting and sharing himself, unleashing his artistic soul in the streets, starting off with his first appearances at the Cagliari’s Open Mic nights, subsequently performing at various gigs around town, experimenting the feel with various audiences.

The Desire to reach his girlfriend, today his wife, at the time already living in London (UK) forces him to seriously get involved leaving behind Physics and Sound Technology’s studies.

It is in London that Moses decides that he would have worked in music and is here where is Street Artist path begins. After conquering London’s West End, Moses starts making a name for himself on important Club stages such as “The Box” in Soho and many more.

Continuing to reach out to his goals Moses arouses the interest of the TV program “London Local” dedicating him a special, labelling him as one of the best buskers in town.

He’s also gained the attention of British press, which written about him on “The Daily Mail” and on the “London’s Evening Standard”.

His first work “I Wanna Breathe” (2014) is a self-produced record, meticulously mastered, pressed at home, to then be sold in the streets, and stays to this day, a rare piece of work, in the ears of many and in the hands of few.

One year later he releases “Cannonau”(2015), a remarkable success in the streets, which sees Moses  improving as an independent producer of is very own music. It is in 2016 that he publishes his first EP “Cannonau”(2015) available only in Digital Stores. A work Inspired by an artist’s life in the streets, which takes the listener for a journey through Tango and Hip-Hop, embracing Reggae and Traditional sonorities.

After conquering London, Moses starts attending as a performer at various European Busker Festivals receiving a remarkable success at the “Ferrara Busker Festival”, which opens the door to the Italian music scene, at the time yet to be fully explored.

It is in Italy that Moses makes a name for himself in the most viral possible way. Unaware of having been signed up by a friend for “Italy’s Got Talent” he finds himself the winner of 2016’s edition.

After his Victory and over 800 concerts across four years, Moses keep working hard as an artist and to further improve his improvisation and harmonica beatbox skills.

Music as his everyday life’s soundtrack, stays his main experimental research in the aim to reach out to an even more vast and heterogeneous audience.

Thanks to his hard work Moses gained his own spotlight which led him to perform and spread his music in various cities and countries across the globe, such as Dubai, Las Vegas, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Germany and Puerto Rico or Los Angeles in occasion of the America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

In 2017 Moses and his Harmonica made it in the big screen in the movie “Moglie e Marito” directed by Simone Godano, with Pierfrancesco Favino and Kasia Smutniak and another acclaimed picture “Il Permesso” by Claudio Amendola.

Today Moses has made his dream come true, by creating the “Moses Productions London” his very own record label and artistic entertainment company. Along with his team he keeps spreading his music across the world.

“Natural Moses” has in fact been released by “Moses Productions” and it is available on both Digital Store and on-line purchase. This Ep symbolises a “thank you” to all his followers and supporters, and collects all his notable works, along with some new pieces of music that pushed the boundaries of a style in constant motion.

One of the most known is the single “Radio San Juan” released in June the 1st 2017, in collaboration with the singers Silvia Piras, Veronica Hàro Dìaz and the producer Dazkol. The video entirely realised by Moses Productions in San Juan (Puerto Rico) has over 500k views and is purchasable online on both Digital and CD versions.

His great artistic project called “Human Revolution” keeps taking shape along with the planning of a European Tour in 2018, to spread a musical spectacle with a theatrical feel. In collaboration with many artists and friends who accompany him in the name of music and artistic and personal accomplishment. Moses today reached almost 300 Milions views in the web and have a loyal fan base of 500’000 people between his channels.

Moses finds music as the perfect channel to divulge a message of happiness and hope, a message that tells the story of anyone that makes their dreams come true, by strongly believing in themselves.


“Seek happiness within you and firmly follow your aims”. . .



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