Ozlem Sorlu // Colours as a window into the inner world

Ozlem Sorlu // Colours as a window into the inner world

By  zedaist, Oct 27, 2020

Dream-like landscapes, exotic plants, and vibrant colors dominate Özlem Sorlu Thompson’s canvases that sit at the very edge between figuration and abstraction. This London-based artist draws her inspiration from the scientific background, as she holds a master’s degree in botany.

Although, art is her true vocation Özlem masterfully combines the best of two worlds and uses her knowledge to get to know herself and the universe around her better. The fascination with science and devotion to color intertwine on her canvases and create complex compositions that evoke strong emotions.

Expressionist and surrealist influences have helped shape Özlem’s work because vivid colors and references to subconsciousness characterize her paintings. Moreover, David Hockney’s approach to landscapes and Georgia O’Keeffe’s strong connection to nature have encouraged Özlem to develop her style of painting. She regards her vast acrylic canvases as meditations on the nature of our universe, but also as reflections of her mind.

Özlem found happiness in painting after giving up her academic carrier back in 2015, and she conveys this message through all of her pieces as she wants the spectator to experience the feelings of joy and happiness while looking at her paintings.

In the future, she intends to explore the topic of subatomic particles on her canvases, which further reveals her dedication to uncovering the mysteries of the universe through the images she creates. In addition, Özlem plans to spend more time developing characters that are the fruit of her imagination and to incorporate them into her visual vocabulary.

Currently, her work is featured in collections of several influential art collectors, while celebrities like Andy Nyman and Brian May have also purchased Özlem’s paintings. She is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished contemporary female artists to emerge from Turkey within the last decade.