Tundra // Multi-media performances and immersive audiovisual installations

Tundra // Multi-media performances and immersive audiovisual installations

By  ljmcopywriting.com, Oct 26, 2020

Tundra… The very word conjures evocative imagery. A place that fills the senses, fires the emotions, taking us to a place out of time, a place that few of us ever have the chance to visit…

A perfect name then, for a team of collaborative, creative individuals whose goal is to create spaces and experiences by exploring facets of interaction between the audio and visual worlds and the sheer impact they can have on human emotions.

A St Petersburg based collective, Tundra specialise in multi-media performances and immersive audiovisual installations. If you are a regular at festivals and museums of multi-media art across America, Europe, Russia, and Asia you may have already experienced their work. If you havent just yet, prepare yourself because Tundra are not easily forgotten, for so many good reasons.

A person doesn’t just stand and admire an installation by Tundra, like we might with a fine painting. We don’t simply nod our heads or tap a foot like we would with an inspiring tune. An installation by Tundra is made for immersion, for reimagining what might be possible, for feeling things we might rarely otherwise feel.

The component parts that make up this dream machine including many disciplines. There are musicians, there are sound engineers, and there are programmers and visual artists. Each alone is talented, passionate and based on their work; indescribably cool.


Put them all together, with a common goal and the results are nothing short of breathtaking…


Individually, they are inspired, together Tundra are genius.