Wander // and Ponder, Rearrange your Perspective

Wander // and Ponder, Rearrange your Perspective

By  ljmcopywriting.com, Feb 02, 2020

A lifetime spent building, crafting and creating is a dream for many of us. 

Some might try yet fall short, some may enjoy those things as a simple pastime and then some, Such as visual artist Stuart Mason discover in themselves a rare talent and the drive to burn brighter and brighter day by day, taking inspiration from the inevitable times when balance is disturbed and things don’t always go to plan.

Those are the times when we grow, as people and as artists.

Under the pseudonym ‘Wander’ Stuart is today based in Los Angeles, California but was born and raised in North Carolina, the place where, from a young age he discovered the joys of woodworking, metalworking and tinkering with all things electrical. 

This love of materials, and an early life spent understanding them, has today given his work a tone and style that few others could match. Wander is a true material conceptualist at the top of his creative game. His works explore the balance between the industrial and the organic, prompting discussions around topics of pollution, censorship, sustainability and the loss of nature.

Creating, curating, producing and building have already earned him acclaim in a series of debut immersive art shows called ‘ARTandVR in and around San Francisco.

Today, Wander is looking to have the same impact in and around the City of Angels and already has an event planned at the Silicon Valley Sculpture Fair. It will surely be the first of many!

Wander’s path however was not a straight, open highway to the West Coast, detours included a spell at college studying real estate and architecture but when an artistic fire burns this bright, perhaps it can’t be denied for long and soon he found his way to The San Francisco Art Institute, L.A and a life doing what he loves, what he’s best at…

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